Sunday, June 9, 2013

1st Recital

One of the moments I have thought about since finding out we were having a little girl! I teared up a little when Heidi went on stage for her first dance. Getting ready went well - there might have been a little argument about whether she or I would be applying the make-up {Heidi was allowed to put on her blush}. The costume might have been a little itchy, but she sucked it up :)

I am so proud of Heidi and how well she performed at her recital. With the great help of Paula, Heidi went on stage with the promise of a lollipop to reward her for a great performance. Thank you Paula for helping Heidi back stage so I could rush back to my seat and video her first performance! Thankfully Heidi's grandparents were able to go to the recital as well to help with the munchkins as well - I could not have done it alone. 

The tap was the first dance and Heidi smiled, sang, and danced her little heart out! I videoed and fed Harrison at the same time. Poor little guy always being nursed in the most random situations {the dentist has to be the most unique}. After the tap dance we had a little break before ballet, but then we had to head back and the breakdown started a little bit. I thought there were going to be huge tears on stage - anyone remember Jingle Bells? I stayed back stage with Heidi most of the time trying help her stay calm and not do anything to upset her so that she would go on stage with a happy face. Once again Paula came to the rescue taking Heidi so that I could once again rush to my seat to watch. I might have bulldozed through a man blocking a door, but I did not even stop to apologize - so to the man I ran through, sorry, but some rules I will break to make sure not to miss a moment of my daughter's life :)

Daddy had an annual golf tournament, but he made sure to send his sweet girl flowers!

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