Monday, June 3, 2013

Harrison - 2 Months

Harrison, you are now 2 months old! It has only been 2 short months, but it feels like you have been with us forever. I could not even imagine life without you here. You are such a growing boy. We had your 2 month appointment today and you weigh 12lbs 7ozs and are 23.75in long! You love to eat and you are such a good nurser. When you smile it is just the sweetest little thing ever, especially when that cute little dimple shows. As far as clothes you are wearing around 3 months most of the time. Some newborn and 0-3 month clothes are too tight, but of course it varies with brands. You are wearing size 1 diapers, but I think we will move up very soon! I find it easier to have you in a diaper that is a little big.

There is an established routine in your life and you like to stick to it. You will wake around 9AM, stay up for a little, take a nap for about an hour, wake/play/eat lunch, and then nap for a longer period of time. When you wake from your long nap you then like to play, eat, and watch your crazy sister. Around 5PM you start your crazy nursing where you want to nurse all the time until it is time for bed. You like to be in bed around 8PM, but our schedule has been so busy lately that it has been more like 10PM. During the night you wake up around 3AM, the around 6AM, and then start back over at 9AM.

{Heidi trying to make you smile}
Sleep is amazing. You sleep in your bed and your pack-n-play. I am amazed that I can put you into your bed not asleep and you will put yourself asleep. Crazy how that works :) Your sister never would put herself to sleep at all. You lift your head so strongly and you like to look all around. When people talk to you you talk right back and smile. Content is a great word to describe you right now. You kind of go with the flow of everything around. I am so thankful you do that because you will soon learn that your sister is a little high-strung {like her mama} and we need you to be laid back.

The other night I was giving you a bath and I turned you to face the mirror and you loved looking at yourself and looking at me in the mirror. You seem to like your bath time. I like to put your hair in a mohawk after your bath because I feel the need to do something with your hair. Each time I leave the house I keep thinking I need to put a bow in your hair. I have been so trained the past 3 years to not leave the house without a bow in Heidi's hair.

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