Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

This is probably my first Mother's Day where I am actually a little excited about it and not dreading the day. I celebrated my first lonely day in 2009 - only a few short months after Hudson. My family tried to make me feel special and they bought me a beautiful charm bracelet with memories of Hudson, but it was not the same. It was different this year. The day seemed more magical due to a sassy little almost 3 year old.

It all began Friday at Heidi's school with Muffins for Mom. All of us moms were able to go to their school and participate in a few activities {including eating muffins} and were presented with several gifts handmade by our children. I took pictures below of my favorites, but the best part of all was the answer to the last question on the little "My Mommy" questionnaire.

Friday night John and I started the weekend with a marriage conference that lasted a couple of hours, so Heidi spent the night with my parents while Harrison sat with us in the church. The conference continued on Saturday morning. It was really great and it was the first one we have ever attended. I'm sure we will go next year as well. It is so hard to not have a "child-centered" home where you put your everything into your children and forget to invest in your marriage. John purchased the book Trophy Child for me at the conference and I am already finding myself guilty of so many parts that you find in a child-centered home. One of the main ones is the "miracle child". After Hudson I was not even sure if children were a possibility for our future. Once we had Heidi we have most definitely spoiled her and given in in areas we should not. The only part that did not sit well with me at the conference was when the speaker mentioned the path to adulthood. He gave 5 steps. I think the first couple were education and job, but the last two were "get married" and "start a family - meaning children". I could not help but feel a little stinging in my heart because I know for a fact there were couples there who are desperately trying to have children. Pair that with it being Mother's Day weekend... 

Sunday I had an excited little girl ready to serve me breakfast in bed. Heidi was running around the house and helping her daddy fix my special treat :) That afternoon we went to my sister's house where my dad fixed an amazing BBQ chicken on the grill. The day was so warm and nice - so we all hung out outside for the majority of the day. The kids had so much fun running around and playing - they eventually ended up in the pool. Usually we would have already been in the pool, but it has been such a cool May this year. I am not going to complain at all about it though!

In true form to my family I learned a new saying. In reference to Heidi and Georgia's dirty faces my mom said, "It looks like you've been suckin' on a pig". What? Who sucks on a pig? Seriously, I cannot make this stuff up. I'm collecting all of the Danny-isms and Susan-isms for a book. Where do they get these things and are we sure I am related to them? I need a blood test...

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Lyndsey said...

Precious! You deserve the magical day and you deserve it!

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