Thursday, May 23, 2013

Travel Time!

Over the weekend we headed to Atlanta for a full weekend of traveling fun! This would be the first of many trips for Harrison to the Atlanta area. Heidi and Harrison did a great job the whole way back and forth - thank goodness! The first stop was going to be to see baby Maddie, but due to horrible traffic {how do you people do it everyday?} we went ahead to the hotel room to get ready for Lindsay's wedding. It was a good call to go to the hotel first giving the kids a few minutes to stretch out of their car seats.

Mr. & Mrs. Chad Allen
 Heidi enjoying the glow sticks provided.
 My sweet girl

 Ellyn - she sang in our wedding :) 
Now she is a personal trainer - I need her to come to my house majorly!

Lindsay's mom - she loved little Harrison :)

Courtyard gals {plus Heidi - with no shoes} together again!

Family pic

Saturday morning we woke up after a nice stay at the hotel {John mentioned, and I agreed, that checking into a hotel even if just for a night seems like a mini vacation} and breakfast we headed to visit baby Maddie. She was only about 30 minutes away from where we were so we couldn't miss the opportunity!

Heidi loved holding the babies.
These days it is the only way we can get her picture :)

Next we headed to John's hometown to make it just in time for Gavin's {our nephew} last baseball game of the season. We stayed at John's brother's house for the night and the kids had such a fun time playing. It is so nice to have kids in the stage where they will play together giving us moms and dads a chance to visit. Heidi's Nana and Paw-Paw came to visit for a little bit as well. 

John just could not resist being out on the field

And, we have a streaker! Heidi ran out onto the field.
Without shoes...notice a pattern here?

Heidi and Grace

Aunt Bekah and Gavin holding Harrison

Uncle Brad with Harrison
{picture taken by Heidi}

Nana and Harrison

Heidi in skates for the first time!

 Playing outside!
Heidi loves to drive the cars!

It was a great time this weekend and even though we did not get to see everyone we had intended upon visiting we had so much fun! Luckily we have plenty more trips planned so we will eventually make it to see everyone on our list. 

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