Sunday, March 10, 2013

Quick Baby Update

Here is a little update on our little growing baby in the belly:

- still visiting both doctors {the perinatologist and my regular OB} each once a week. Both doctors run a BPP which checks 8-10 things {depending on which office I am at}. They look for things like movement, fluids, size, practice breathing, heartbeat, NST. etc. I do not mind going to both each week at all. It has been so helpful having everyone in my corner and not having to be the one worrying and needing extra appointments. The perinatnologist is always impressed with how quickly baby boy finishes his test. Sometimes they take 30 minutes to get all the results, but we seem to always be finished in five.

- I did have one little panic attack a couple of weeks ago. I felt like there was less movement, but I went straight to my doctor after picking Heidi up from school and they immediately sent me into ultrasound, NST, and to my doctor. I was completely calm and everything was great.

- We had maternity pictures today, Heidi was running around everywhere like crazy. I am already excited to see what Molly was able to capture :) I am also super excited because I was e-mailed about another 75% off deal for a canvas that does not expire until the end of April and I will be able to get a few more large canvases from the maternity session and the newborn session. Yay! Let me know if you want the deal :)

- Our house is still a disaster and not even close to being what most people would consider "baby ready". I just tell myself that what we need is ready and there is no reason to worry about anything else that is not ready like I would want. The pack-n-play was set up today and we just have to get the bassinet part set up for easier access. We're putting this right next to my side of the bed and it has a little changer to attach on top, so it is perfect.

- I thought I was going to be in the hospital on Saturday with the cramping and aches I started having, so I took it very easy on Saturday {while trying to find our Boppy pillow} and let our little angel have free roam to destroy the house. Poor John has not been feeling well since Saturday night {probably trying to compete with my labor pains} and so the house is even more disastrous with two days of toddler destruction.

- On the to do list for this week is switch the beds in the rooms, find the Boppy, pack hospital items, and CLEAN up from Tornado Heidi. I will be sure to post the latest from the missing Boppy and what all is going into my hospital bag. I do need to find some nursing tanks...anyone have a suggestion for these? Do not say Motherhood or Target because I looked and disappointingly found none.

Hope to update more later - have a great week everyone!


Rebecca Howard Doty said...

I know it's not the same but you can always borrow our Boppy until you can find yours. We can have a house cleaning party if you need one :)

Keri Sullivan Ninness said...

Cannot wait to hear about baby!! Hurry little man!!

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