Thursday, March 7, 2013

Throw Back Thursday

I have decided to start my Throw Back Thursday - on the blog :) It will give me something to talk about and also possibly embarrass a few friends! A few weeks ago we celebrated my sister's birthday and we were talking about pictures. Vicki wanted to "approve" all pictures beforehand because she did not like certain ages of her childhood. I kind of snickered because I feel the exact opposite about pictures. Sure, there are plenty of unflattering pictures out there of me - we all have them, but I could really care less if someone sees them. It also reminds me of a little video my cousin was taking at my sister's party and I walked in front of the camera doing what I thought was a little head bob {like in "walk like an Egyptian"} and apparently it was more like a belly and booty bounce. Not embarrassed at all - I was telling someone that I try hard not to do anything embarrassing so that in case it is caught on film or print I will not be embarrassed. Note to all friends that have pictures of me - this is not a challenge to find awful pictures of me and post them. Paybacks...remember that.

In honor of the 30 plus boxes of Girl Scout cookies we purchased {don't worry, they are in the freezer} I will post a picture of Girl Scout Troop 230 from Richmond Hill, GA.

I know what all but two of the girls featured in this picture are up to due to Facebook. I was probably in about 2nd grade I would guess in this picture. Cookie sales, cookie booths, camping, making our own little stoves, earning tons of badges - such great fun. My mom was a troop leader forever {she was with my sister as well} and I think I was in Girl Scouts until about 5th grade, that is when all of us pretty much stepped away from the three finger on my honor pledge.

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