Thursday, March 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Hot Tub

Welcome to another week of TBT {Throwback Thursday}! Today I take you back in time to Dec 1998. I was a junior in high school and it was most likely Christmas break. If I can recall properly I am pretty sure that all of the ladies in the hot tub and the owner of the leg in the air were all on student council together. I'm not sure what the plans were that night - I remember possibly making pizza. What I do recall is this happening about a dozen times. This involved a disposable camera and a lot of laughter. The goal of the mission was to get a group shot, of more than just heads, in the hot tub. Due to the fact of not having a camera with a timer at the moment someone had to press the button and try to hop in fast enough to get in the shot. How was this ever really supposed to work? No clue...This was the closest that we got to having a full group of more than just heads. As you can see the poor girls in the tub were scared to death and thought kicking their legs at the innocent victim who had to jump in would help to save them. I am pretty positive no one was injured at the girl jumping in made it in without any harm. In recent years I do not recall jumping into hot tubs, so this was my only experience with that :)

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The Girl @ POS said...

Oh my gosh I love this picture! Who is in it? (the person with their face blocked and the one getting in the hot tub?)

Kimberly Henninger said...

The blocked face is Christina Coyle and the person jumping in is yours truly :)

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