Thursday, September 20, 2012

Regular OB - 11 Weeks

We are now officially seeing our regular OB instead of Dr. Odom. I am a little sad that I will not have as much attention, but excited that everything is going perfect {aside from the nausea and exhaustion} and that we are closer to meeting our little one. I have still not let myself become attached to the baby or the pregnancy {which is easier this time} because of my unfortunate fear and worry. Its just my defense mechanism. I remember being the same way with Heidi while we were expecting her arrival.

We had our 11 week {I wish we could have gone at the actual 12 week mark, but we had vacation plans} appointment and it went well. I felt like I was at the doctor's office entirely too long, but it all went well. I was a little nervous about the appointment because I was not going to be able to see my actual doctor or my normal nurse practitioner. It definitely sounds very spoiled, but I only want to see "my people". They know me, they know my story, they know my craziness - and they cater to me. With "my people" I do not have to validate why I am having a panic attack or why I need an extra ultra sound. I do not have to retell my story in a sensitive place - where the story took place. "My people" keep me calm and help come up with a plan to help my sanity.

So, instead of my regular peeps I had a different nurse practitioner on my first visit back. It was not the first time meeting this NP. I met her while I was expecting Hudson - the week before we lost him. I thought something was wrong the week before we lost Hudson and I went to the OB. They put me on the little monitor thing and still to this day I feel like they didn't do enough for me then. I should have demanded more, but I was naive and I trusted them. So, seeing this NP was not the easiest thing to do. She's sweet, nice, and capable, but I know that I would have felt better seeing my regulars.

The office was a little chaotic, so we were there for what seemed like the entire day. We had our ultra sound first - it went great - HB was in the 180s. The baby was punching around :) Then we sat and waiting to meet with the NP and all went well. Gave my long list of medicines and went over my history, etc. Not really too much to report - which is good in my case!

How Far Along?: 11 weeks

Total Weight Gain?: 0

Maternity Clothes?: Not really, the swelling from starting all the pills and shots has gone down so I can wear normal clothes again.
Sleep?: No sleep. I have to drink a ton of water at night for all the pills I take so that wakes me, plus Heidi, a snoring husband, and an itchy dog that likes to scratch at night. I have given up on sleep. I do go to bed around 8:30-9 with Heidi, which is nice :)

Best Moment This Month?: John giving his two weeks at Best Buy and the thought of a normal family time!

Movement?: None yet.

Body Changes/Labor Signs?: None.

Belly Button?: Normal

What I Miss: Staying up late to blog or reading blogs. Going to bed so early stops most of that.

What I Am Looking Forward To: I think we all know the answer to this one :)

Gender Prediction: Boy

Heartbeat: 180 bpm

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