Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Right now I am enjoying the beautiful view from my window - the beach! I absolutely love the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. Heidi is napping right now giving me a much needed chance to relax. Poor Heidi is incredibly shy and being around people that she is not familiar with causes Miss Heidi to cling to her mama big time. She wants nothing to do with anyone except me. Not even daddy. Add heavy duty sinus {not quite infection yet} issues and it does not make for a pleasant time.

We are on our 2nd annual trip to the beach with the Conways {and their family} and this time we headed to Edisto Beach, SC. I have never been here before, but it seems pretty nice. Very quiet and small. It is not too far from our house which was very nice to not have a long distance to travel. We're here for the week and it has been great {minus to sinus issues} so far! We usually have our trip scheduled around this time so that we can have a week together as a family before the madness of the retail world {John's job} takes control of our life and we have no family time. Right now that is all irrelevant because John is no longer part of the retail world! Yay! On Saturday John officially worked his very last day at Best Buy! No more overnights, 80 weeks, non-existent family time, unnecessary stress - all gone!

We welcome family dinners, family time, and all of the great times ahead! We will be spending so much time together that we will not even know what to do with ourselves!  Seriously, after only spending 3-4 hours together a week this is going to be amazing! John will officially be working at the dealership where I work starting when we get back from vacation. There is so much more potential for us and our family now - and the dreams are finally coming together!

A little picture of my goose for your viewing pleasure :)

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