Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Heidi Started Pre-School!!

Heidi started pre-school right after Labor Day. It is a program three days a week for  few hours each day. John and I are sending her to the school at the church we go to. Its perfect because it is right across the street from where I work. I love being so close to the school because this is the first time she is being left in the care of other people {non-family} where I am not in the same building.

The first day was rough. All of the kids, well most, were bawling their eyes out. I already knew Heidi would be crying. We face the crying anytime she is not with mommy. I dropped her off and then went about an hour later to spy on her. She was great! They were eating snack at the moment and Heidi was very content. When I picked Heidi up she was very excited! She told me that she cried and I told her that was perfectly alright. Day 2 and 3 were about the same. Week 2 started off totally different. Heidi was the last to arrive on Day 1 and the classroom was calm, so she remained calm; day 2 was about the same. Day 3 was amazing. The teacher was not by the door and Heidi was walking, ran to the door, opened it, and ran right to the teacher! I was amazed and my heart lept with joy!

The teacher said Heidi is doing such a wonderful job. They call her a camel because she will not use the bathroom while at school, but I have a feeling that will come. Heidi's cousins Georgia and William also go to the same school. William is in Heidi's class and the teacher has commented numerous times on how Heidi is like a little mother hen to him. Its just the sweetest thing.

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