Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Over the weekend we were busy but lazy. My brother and his family came in town early on Saturday to meet William. Saturday Heidi and I went to church and then everyone {except John - BUT this will be one of the last family gatherings he has to miss due to work - more to come on that one later!!} went out to eat at Love's. I cannot even remember the last time I went to this restaurant. If you have ever seen the movie Forest Gump you can see the restaurant in the background. It was the location of the bar that the character Jenny was singing her guitar while nude. Its not a nude restaurant, they just did that in the movie. Its a very family friendly restaurant. If you go make sure to have reservations! Oh, and call ahead to make sure they booked you for the right day!

Sunday we went to the pool where Vicki and Hubert are members to eat lunch and play. Heidi had an amazing time at the pool. Anytime there is water involved Heidi is guaranteed to have a great time. The part she enjoyed the most was the slide. Unfortunately we did not get a nap that afternoon so the time before dinner, during dinner, and getting home was a little less pleasant that usual.


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