Sunday, September 2, 2012

Last weekend

I should be cleaning my house right now. I just can't. I don't feel like it even though its one of the only chances I have had to do it in a long time.

Our poor sweet Hunter {a.k.a Bubba} has been staying at the vet hospital the past few days and will be there a few more. Hunter has a severe allergy to fleas and if he even has just one of those waste of space little creatures then he will go crazy. This month he has been going crazy chewing himself and scratching himself raw. We worked on trying to help him - baths, meds, anything an nothing worked. We could not find a single flea on him. While I was gone for the night John told me that Hunter had not eaten anything that whole day and he had barely been drinking, so on Monday I took Hunter to the vet first thing in the morning. I felt so awful. He had already chewed one side of his body and then on the way to the vet he chewed the complete other side and it was bleeding and raw. Someone asked if he was a rescue. I wanted to cry right there. Hunter's white blood cell count was up very high so the dr suggested we put him on some heavy meds to help the infection. The best way, since he was not eating or drinking, was to have him stay over night in the hospital and be put on an iv. Hunter has not stayed overnight in a cage since he was 12 weeks old when we adopted him - and currently he is 10. He has been making progress and today was even better progress - so hopefully he will be home soon! Heidi is so excited to see her Bubba Bear. She gets excited when I call the vet each morning to check on him and we find out he is doing better. I can't wait to get him so so we can love on him.

Tuesday we had Heidi's open house which was interesting. I am excited that she will be starting pre-school and I am super excited that she will have a chance to have interaction with other children. Heidi is already so smart, but I know she is going to just blossom! I was a little shocked that we didn't have more of a chance to talk to the teachers. The parents took the kids to their classrooms and then we went to the worship center to listen to the head person speak. It was basically going over what we had read in the handbook.

I have been meaning to post about the weekend I had, but sorry, in all my free time I just haven't. Friday night I headed to Charleston with Lyndsey, Rebecca, and Holly to listen to Beth Moore speak. It was such an amazing time! 9,000 women in one place worshiping God - how amazing! I started thinking about how much this world is changing. There are so many events like this for women where you leave refreshed rejuvenated, ready to go on full charge for God. I wondered about men - there seem to be fewer events like this for men.

Back to Beth Moore. It was amazing - the music, the company, the subject. Spectacular! Beth {I can so call her that because we are now BFs} spoke on Jacob and Esau seeing each other for the first time in 20 years. How we are to become more honest versions of ourselves. We shouldn't be different people for different situations or crowds - we should be the honest version of our self in all situations. We should not work people - we need to work with people. When we pray are you praying then working it or are you praying and obeying? Believe in your own prayer and then give it to Him. The prayer part really got to me. I thought back on when I was pregnant with Heidi and how I begged and pleaded through prayer each night for God to let Heidi be born alive and healthy. I didn't believe m prayer - until she was born. I didn't just pray - I begged, pleaded, made promises, bargained, anything I could think of to have a living child and not have to face my grief again. When you pray do you really give it to God or do you still doubt and leave yourself begging and pleading each night?

There was so much else that went on and so many other touching moments - like when the girls asked me for tissues and I provided them with beautiful monogrammed tissues only to be mocked. The nerve! There was also the fact of 9,000 women in one place - at the bathroom break time. Oh goodness - we took over the men's restrooms {well, not me} and there were still lines for miles. Hmm, what else - oh the fact that Lyndsey promised us Cheesecake Factory and then we find that there is not one. Lyndsey's friendship is currently under review.

 Heidi stayed at my parent's house while I was away because John had to work a late shift. Saturday morning my parents took Heidi to a kids fishing tournament at the local park. Would you believe that we are the proud parents of a fishing champion? Heidi one the 1-3 year old division by catching 2 catfish! How fun!

Sunday Heidi and I enjoyed one of the last few weekends at the pool and at the playground. We have not had very much outside/pool time lately. It has been raining so much lately!

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Lyndsey said...

I would just like to say that I was told by the Preacher that there was a Cheesecake Factory. Also, I did not make fun of the tissues, I thought it was SOOOO Kimberly that you would have monogrmamed tissues. LOL. Also, my friendship is stuck for life so you can CAN your review.. LOL. Also, I think you forgot to mention that I saved your life several times by making sure you didn't starve and making sure you didn't fall down the stairs. Just Saying.

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