Monday, October 8, 2012

Busy Birthday Weekend!

We were on the go just about every waking hour this weekend! Saturday Heidi and I headed into town to do some shopping and then we attempted to take a nap - which did not work, at all. John was working until about 2 and then we planned for him to meet us at Dillon's first birthday party. Heidi was super excited about picking out a present and wrapping it up. We left the house, sans nap, and headed to the Eckhart casa to sing and eat cake :) The two most important jobs of a good birthday party guest. I was happy to oblige to both, naturally. The party was the same day as UGA vs....well, I cannot remember, but for the Eckhart family I am very shocked these uber loyal GA fans had a birthday party during a GA football game - ha!

Another yummy and beautiful cake from Baker's Pride.

The sweet birthday girl and her mama.

 The Eckharts!

Heidi LOVED "holding" Dillon!

After the party we headed down prepared for a meltdown. It happened, but I laid down with Heidi and after a quick little nursing session she was out like a light! I have a love/hate relationship with not taking naps. I love that Heidi is so easy to put down for night time {which on a normal napping day I have to lay with her until she falls asleep and that results in me going to bed around 8:30 - which I don't mind, but there are things I have to do...} but I hate how cranky she gets the last couple of hours before its time to go to bed. On this particular night Heidi went to be very easily - yay!

Sunday we woke up and headed to one of my favorite little cafes in downtown Savannah - Goosefeathers. I had quiche and oatmeal and I was very happy with my delicious choices. We met up with one of my childhood friends Jennifer and her family. They were in town visiting her grandparents and parents {her parents so not live here, but came the same weekend} so it was great to meet up with them and meet sweet Ella for the first time. This little family lives in Maryland and so it is very rare we get to meet up - about once a year. The girls were so cute together and Heidi did not want to leave Ella - we can't wait to see them again!

Jennifer and our sweet babies

Heidi told me it would make Ella happy if I held her - apparently she was right!

When our brunch was over John, Heidi, and I did a little shopping and then went home for naps. I was determined that Heidi and I would get a nap. For one, I was exhausted and for another, we had plans to go to The Melting Pot with my family that night for my birthday. Nap time was a success, although I wish it has been a little longer. We got ready and then headed back downtown to enjoy a yummy dinner at the Melting Pot. My parents and my sister's family joined us and it was delish! I think next time we will all go sans children. They were great, but 3 two year olds can be quite a handful :)

Once we finished dinner we headed home and Heidi and I pretty much went to bed. No complaints here! It was a great weekend and a great birthday!

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