Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I had to have my progsterone levels checked again today since they dropped last week. They have dropped again. So I have gone from 36 to 32 to now at 19. Judy is going to have the lab check my other levels and see if those have gone up and then we will go from there. So night I take 2 of my progesterone meds and I might be going to an injection.

I told John yesterday that I don't feel pregnant anymore. I am a little, ok, really a lot concerned with that observation. I feel like this one will be resulting in a miscarriage. Lately there have been little cramps, but none that are alarming or different from ones I had in either of my first two pregnancies.

I really hope this ends well...

Talked with Judy today. My other numbers were going up like they were supposed to be - yay. My estradil did drop a little. I am now going to an injection once a day and a patch. The shots are progesterone and the patch is estradil.

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