Monday, August 13, 2012

Heidi's First Dance Class

Well, today was the day! Heidi's first dance class! I woke up so excited - I had prepared everything the night before and could hardly sleep. Ok, not really. I did prepare, but I slept fine. I was antsy during the day and ready to get to Heidi's new studio. I think Heidi was excited too, she knew I was excited, so maybe she acted excited because I was so excited. I really overuse the word excited.

The class had ballet, tap, and baton. Moms {parents} are not allowed to watch, which in my case is good and bad. Its bad because I really want to know what is going on. Its good because if Heidi could see me then she would not participate in the class. I was amazed that Heidi went right in without any qualms. Crazy! If you know Heidi you know that she does not go anywhere without her mama. Luckily the teacher saw me with the camera and took it in the class to snap a few shots of Heidi in class. I really think Heidi had such an amazing time and I hope she is ready for next week!

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