Saturday, August 11, 2012

5 Weeks


So - according to me I am about 5 weeks. Dr. Odom has been on vacation for the week and I have been working with Judy {whom I love} at the practice. I took the blood tests again to check and make sure my numbers had doubled and they had! They actually more than doubled - yay! The only number that decreased was my progesterone, but it was still pretty high. It went from 36 to 32. The Dr. likes to see over 25 so I will take the test again on Monday. I am on a progesterone "therapy" right now and Monday after reviewing my numbers again we will see if I will stay on my current one or go to injections.

I was so worried about the number dropping that in true fashion I was goggling trying to find out what it meant for that one number to drop. I thought perhaps it could be because I am still nursing Heidi, but upon talking to Judy she did not think that would be the case. Just helped to reassure me that it was not something to be concerned with - especially since all of my other numbers more than doubled.

It is strange, but I actually feel like I am 8 or 9 weeks, but that's not possible, right? I will feel better once we have an ultrasound. Actually I will feel better once our baby is here. Once again - a long 35 weeks to go! I want to try to enjoy this pregnancy. Its so hard for me. I have been in fear of having a miscarriage and I start to think how unfair that would be and then I have to say, well, why not me. Why would I be immune to having one just because I have lost one child. There are so many women who have lost so many children.

My dear husband has told me I am showing, but no, its just fat. I have not been back to the gym in such a long time. Then again - this is my third baby so maybe you show even faster with a third? What great muscle memory I have - and I think I am going to be huge this time around.

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