Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vegas - Day 4

For Brad’s birthday we all slept in a little and then went to eat breakfast! After breakfast we roamed around for a bit going back and forth to different casinos. While everyone played various games I stuck to my new favorite – craps. Later we all went up to our room to hang out and then we decided to head to the poker room and play cards. We were there for a long time, but we needed to head out for Brad and Rebekah to catch there flight. They were taking the red eye back home. After saying our goodbyes John and I headed back to the craps table, played a little while longer and then retreated to an early night. We had to catch our flight at 6AM the next morning and we wanted to pack everything up to be ready to go. I went ahead and took a shower and fixed my hair and packed everything all up. We set our alarms for 3AM – ugh – and then went to sleep.

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