Monday, July 9, 2012

Vegas - The Departure...

The alarms went off way too early this morning. I definitely did not get very much sleep John and I quickly got ready and then went downstairs to check out. Now, I am not telling you where to stay or anything, but if you want to go to Vegas and have a great time while not spending tons and tons of money you must stay at old Vegas. We stayed there 4 nights and it was less than $150 – total. This isn’t a run-down hotel or anything either. It is an older hotel {we actually all stayed there 9 years ago when we went for John’s 21st birthday} and they have changed the name from Fitzgerald’s to The D, but it was a great place to stay! My thoughts are this – we never stay in the hotel room long. Why pay way too much for a room you are barely going to use? I also recommend flying Southwest. The rates were at least half price of what everyone else was charging.
 We caught a cab to the airport and were there by 3:45 and then we had to wait in line for the airlines to open up. We checked our bags {which fly free!} and then headed to our gate. We grabbed some breakfast and then waited for our flight to board. Right now I am on the plane blogging because I do not know when else I would have a chance to recap our vacation – we’re on the way to Nashville to catch our flight to Jacksonville and then drive home to pick up Heidi – yay! We had one stop in Kansas City for people to get off and new people to get on. While there we had some maintenance issues and were grounded for quite a while. At one point they said we could get off to grab a bite to eat, but as soon as they said that and people started to get off they said to sit down because we were going to have to change planes. We sat, and sat, and sat, and then they said our plane was good and we would be taking off soon.

 I do need to note also with Southwest is they are great at giving you tons of snacks! The snacks were nice considering it was 6AM Vegas time when we ate and then it is way past lunch time right now. Ok, just got the “turn your electronics off” signal.

 We have made it to Nashville! And we’re still here….30 minutes longer than scheduled. We have yet another maintenance issue and are sitting in the airport waiting for a new plane. I just talked to Heidi and let her know we would be there soon to pick her up and take her to the beach!

 One funny thing did happen while we were waiting to board. A woman came up to the gate and said she was on standby for the flight and wanted to try and get on this one. She was elderly – at least late 70’s. The gate agent called whomever and said, “I have Ms. So-in-so up here and she almost had a heart attack, can we get her a boarding pass?” Just the way he said it was hilarious. It was true though – the woman was not looking very well when she came up to the gate.

 We are just so ready to get home…

The plane was not fixed - we have a new plane! Time to board and get home - see ya on the flip side!

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