Monday, July 30, 2012


I actually watched the entire Opening Ceremony of the Olympics last night. Really, I am still in shock myself. I usually do not watch it the whole way through. I enjoyed it, was it something I was excited about - no. I was wanting more dancing and stuff like that. The whole cell phone "age of technology" bit was way above my head. Oh well, in four years we will have another one to view! I loved watching the countries enter the stadium. I really liked to see the populations vs. number of participants.
The whole thing made me start thinking. Scary, right?

No, really, it made me feel like I should be an Olympic athlete. Crazy - I know. So while watching the ceremony I started googling a sport that I thought I could possibly train for - this is crazytown. Y'all will never believe what I have actually thought {in my mind} that I would actually have a chance at going to the Olympics as an Olympian. We need to take a brief second and note that I did not say I would win a medal, but only to participate in the Olympics.

Track & Field.

More so the track portion.

Individually - the 400m hurdles.

Are you laughing yet?

Stop it - you are crushing my dreams!

Ok, I really did sit on the internet googling times and how to qualify and all the whatnot. I ran hurdles in high school and for a lazy athlete I was really good at them. I can still remember the glorious 49 second run at one of the meets in the 300m hurdles. Did you know that the best American time for the 400m hurdles is 53.08? Now yes, its an extra 100m, but its not too far off, right? I think you could add about 12-15 seconds to my 49 seconds {equaling 61 - 64} and that would be my time back in the glory days. I say glory days with a snicker because even back then I feel like I could have been better. On practice days I was blah about practicing and the only time I ever really had a chance to run the 300m hurdles was during the meets because I did not want to set up the hurdles and all that jazz at practice each day.

So laugh at my little dream all you want. Maybe this will hold my interest for the next week, maybe  a month, or maybe it will happen. You never know with dreams, right??

I would also like to mention that Mr. Pearson {a friend for a very long time} even mentioned the hurdles on my facebook status. Is it a sign?

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AshleyB said...

I've been doing the same thing with swimming! They are waaay out of my league (even in my "glory days").

Still fun to dream though!

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