Friday, July 27, 2012


I thought I would keep an up-to-date post with a few different prayer requests and add to them as I am sent new ones. Also updating the ones I post. Prayer is such a powerful tool and there are so many that need our prayers. I will most likely leave out names to protect privacy and the requests will be taken directly from the e-mails received. If you have a prayer request that you would like to be added please e-mail! E-mail: kkhenninger (at) yahoo (dot) com {Just so you know I know how to type an e-mail address properly, but this eliminates SPAM ;)}

"Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven". Matthew 18:19

8/31 Please add my friend "S" to your prayer list. She is a very BRAVE mother of three beautiful children who has cancer. It started as colon cancer and has metastasized to several other areas. She has been given a grim prognosis, but I know our God is in the Miracle making business. Unfortunately S passed away and has joined all of our loved ones we miss.

8/31 "N", her 10 year old son has Leukemia. He has been released from the hospital this week, but is very weak. Please pray for him - he has a twin.

8/31 A young man "L" that has been fighting the past 4 months to live after an accident passed away recently. Please pray for comfort for his family and the community.

9/1 Our military and those military that are currently deployed. I have a request for one group that is in a special mission. Please continue to pray for all of our military and their families.

7/27 My sister-in-law - with a few various requests. Mainly for her brother who recently had a heart attack.

7/27 My mother-in-law; she will be having surgery on Monday for an artery.

7/27 Hannah {a friend of a friend} who has undergone surgery and is fighting for her life. She had to have both her hands and feet amputated.

7/27 A friend's mom Mrs. Parker - cancer in her head and neck.

7/27 Mr. Irvin {who works in our school system} was in a back wreck this morning.

7/27 Lyndsey's cousin Parker, he was born blind. Please pray for him and his parents as they learn to adjust to his needs.

7/27 My new nephew William {more about him later - and pictures!} as he adjusts to his new life here in America from China.

7/27 I have a few friends that want so desperately to expand their family. Many have suffered miscarriages or have been trying for a long time and nothing. Please pray for these women as they venture through the journey of infertility.

7/27 A friend of mine who is claiming atheism.

7/27 My friends that are expecting. {my sanity during this time!}

7/27 My friend and sorority sister who is leaving to go on her first medical mission trip!

7/27 My friend Lindsey - her water broke at 33 weeks; she is in the hospital where they have stopped labor.

7/27 My friend Keri who is on bedrest while expecting her second - only a few more weeks!


Johanna said...

Oh, Kimberly. I am so, so sorry to hear this. Please let me know if they would like help finding cancer resources, communities, or anything else that might help. My heart breaks for them.

Caroline said...

Saying many many prayers.

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