Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Heidi Ballerina

Move out Angelina - here comes Heidi! I was so stinkin' excited today! Today was the day John and I took Heidi to get fitted for ballet and tap shoes! This is a moment I have been waiting for since I found out I was having a girl. Truthfully the moment I had a girl I immediately pictured my sweet little girl in a tutu at her first recital. Only a few more months until that moment! I kept going back and forth with deciding whether or not to start her because there is only one studio in town that accepts two year olds. The studio I took from starts at three and while I am completely loyal to this studio I am so ready {and Heidi is too!!} to start Heidi in ballet and tap. One thing I am completely out of my element in is baton - this studio had them doing a little bit of baton as well in Heidi's class. That should be interesting.
So today Miss Priss was fitted for her first pair of ballet shoes, tap shoes, and a baton! When we were trying her shoes on the lady was coming close and Heidi did not like that. Heidi is not a fan of strangers at all. Poor thing was curling her little toes up. I took the shoes so that I could fit her with the shoe and I heard the words that broke my heart, "I don't want to dance.". John started to snicker and I gave him the death look. I was so upset, but I knew it was only because of the strangers there and once we got the shoes on she would be fine. Once Heidi got her shoes on it was great! She did not want to take them off! Then came the tap shoes and those were even harder to get her to take off!

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Lyndsey said...

Seriously Gorgeous Child! I love her!!!!!!

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