Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day America! Today Heidi and I started off the day by taking a visit to daddy at work. When she saw John she ran across the store to him. I know it had to make him feel so proud and special. I love how she is becoming so much more lovable to her daddy. She always has been loveable, but she always saved the sweetest things for mama, so now daddy finally is able to get a little more love. Of course she still says, “I love you, I promise to love you forever, get out” at night to him, but it’s still sweet.
After seeing daddy we went to look for some shoes for Heidi {and me – but I did not find what I was wanting} and a bathing suit for myself. Heidi is such a helpful shopper. She will hold all of the items for me and is so complementary when I try things on. There was fun music playing in one of the stores and Heidi was bouncing around and helping to select the best bathing suit to buy. Of course she wanted to try on one too and she even took her diaper off to run around, but we soon left the store and headed to grab some lunch. After lunch we rode the little train that goes around the mall. Heidi LOVES the train.

Next we headed home to take a nap! During this time I tried on the outfits I was planning on packing for our trip to Las Vegas and attempted to pack my suitcase. I am truly impressed with my packing. Everything all in one bag! Yay me! If you know me well on trips you know I pack WAY too much stuff; especially underwear. I don’t know why I am so obsessed with having like 5 pair per day.

When Heidi woke up from her nap we went outside to play ball for a little bit and then got our stuff together to go to my sister’s house for the celebration! We swam and ate and hung out for a few hours. John got off work early so he was able to come over too! There is so much going on in our family right now. John and I are headed to Vegas and then Myrtle Beach, Vicki and Hubert are headed to China on Tuesday to bring my nephew William that they are adopting home, and then my parents are headed to the beach with Hugh, Emily, Georgia, and Heidi after we get back from Myrtle Beach. We have a busy few weeks coming up in our family!

Heidi really enjoyed the pool time. I swear I have given birth to a fish. After swimming we ate and then we were getting ready to go, but Emily and her friend LilyBeth were about to get back in the pool and Heidi quickly began to throw her flip-flops off to get into the pool. We left, came home and packed the rest of our belongings for the Vegas trip. The neighbors shot fireworks, but they were not as bad as in years past.

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