Sunday, July 1, 2012

Olivia's Birthday Party

This weekend we traveled to Atlanta for Olivia’s 6th birthday! The theme was Olivia the pig and the party was a slumber party. That’s right – a house for a 6-7 year olds staying the night. Oh boy! Heidi, my parents and I drove up on Friday afternoon and we arrived around 9PM or so that night. Saturday during the day my mom and I went shopping and Heidi had such a great time playing with her cousin Olivia. When we got back I laid down with Heidi for the last part of her nap {my dad was lying with her snoring} and then she woke up a little later ready for the party! The girls came over and the party began with lots of trampoline jumping! Heidi LOVED the trampoline and probably would have jumped all night if she would have been allowed. The temperatures were in the 100s during the day so we had to make sure she was drinking plenty of water and came in often for breaks. Being the fun aunt that I am I led the girls in a few trampoline games and I would have continued corralling the girls, but my brother wanted to make sure they were drinking plenty of water, so I lost my control. When you get a large group of independent girls together it is hard to get them all to agree to do one thing – so trying to lead the fun made it a little easier. It was a little confusing for one of the girls – she and Olivia share a birthday. The little girl already had her birthday on Thursday, but still wanted to share the “birthday role” with Olivia.
Heidi enjoying her pizza!
Trampoline fun!
 Birthday girl opening presents
 My cousins Julie & Jennifer

After trampoline time the girls ran around the house playing various other games. At one point they wanted to change Heidi’s diaper – which seemed a little weird, but I was able to stop that before it happened. The girls were so attentive to her and it was adorable! Heidi had such a great time playing with the girls and she was right there in the mix of things. I do not remember the order of events, but I do know my brother volunteered to make the pizza pick-up run – what a sacrifice ha! Pizza came and we all ate till we could eat no more. Next it was cake time!! Heidi was super excited about the birthday cake. She kept going on and on about birthday cake! I have a feeling Heidi is going to have a love for birthdays like her mama. I absolutely love birthdays {except this past one I recently celebrated} and I plan on making birthdays so special for all of our children. We usually have a little week long celebration :)

Cake time!
The candy fell and Heidi was taking note...
Heidi joined in the fun....
...and came away with what she wanted!
Enjoying her loot :)

The cake was an Olivia the Pig cake and we have yummy ice cream too! Heidi liked the ice cream the best! Next the girls decorated little tote bags. Of course Heidi decorated one as well! She did a great job! Some of the girls did not understand the concept of how to use the paint and therefore only one girl was able to use a dark blue, but it all worked out in the end. The girls played with a piñata and pulled the strings. Olivia went first and she already had it planned for Heidi to go second. Olivia is such a thoughtful big cousin and look after Heidi. The piñata had strings hanging down and you had to pull the strings one by one to see which one would let the candy out. Once the candy fell out the girls dove down! Tina grabbed a handful for Heidi while Heidi went searching for her own candy treasure. Heidi chose a cherry tootsie roll pop. She loved it! Next we had presents! Olivia was given so many nice things! She was super pumped about the movie Tangled which the Henninger family gave to her :)

After presents a couple of the girls had to go home and we had a dance party. I taught the girls the Cupid Shuffle and then we did the Macarena. I rarely listen to lyrics of songs, so I pray there was not any suggestive language in the Cupid Shuffle. The girls were such fast learners! I was very impressed. They already knew the Macarena, so that lasted a short minute and then we played music for them to dance around. One little girl really knew how to shake those little hips. Mostly during the party I sat and chatted with my cousins Julie and Jennifer {they live down the street from Tres and Aislin and Olivia are close so she was spending the night as well}. It was short, but nice to catch up a bit.

Finally in an attempt to have a calm moment and start settling down for bed the girls got their sleeping bags together and watched the movie Tangled. Heidi LOVED walking around the beds and playing with the girls. She crawled in the sleeping bag with Aislin a couple of times. At one point Heidi started saying “shake your booty” a phrase her dad taught her while I was in San Francisco. Tangled was such a good movie! I love it :) Heidi and I went up to our bed once the movie was over and she quickly fell asleep.

Sunday morning I heard the little voices of the girls and I could not believe I was hearing them at 5AM, I mean we went to bed at midnight! I looked at my clock and it was 8AM – what??? Heidi was still sleeping and I went downstairs to find pink pancakes :) I knew Heidi would be up soon so I waited for her to wake up for us to eat our delicious meal. Next the girls started to leave and we got ourselves ready for church. Heidi said she wanted to go to the nursery – we tried and she changed her mind, so she went to big church with us. She did great. We had to leave one time, but then we found some little etch-a-sketch toy to play with and she loved it.

After church we went to lunch at Canyon’s in downtown Woodstock – so yummy! I had a turkey burger and it was delicious! On the way back to Tres’ house after lunch Heidi’s poor little eyes kept drooping and we packed the car up and left. We had intended upon stopping by Julie’s house to visit, but I knew Heidi would not last too much longer, plus I wanted to take advantage of her napping on the way home. I-16 is really not a great interstate to be driving on when you want to sleep, but Heidi did sleep most of the way, which was nice. We got home and unpacked and went to bed.


Petra Gercilia said...

wow!! lovey birthday party.

Wenni Donna said...

That’s great post!! Olivia's Birthday Party was stunning and her party activities look so enjoyable for all the kids. My girl will also turn 10 soon and we have been planning to host an adventure themed party at the best outdoor event space San Francisco. Do you have any ideas for this bash?

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