Tuesday, June 19, 2012

There's Nothing Terrible about 2!

Oh goodness - Heidi has turned 2! I cannot believe we have gone from finding out we were expecting, to our pregnancy issues, to FINALLY being born, her first birthday, and now she is two years old! This is crazy. It makes my heart so happy to think back on the past 2 years Heidi has been here and it brings such joy to continue to watch her grow and become her own little person. Heidi is so full of love and compassion for others. I am amazed at how much my little sponge has soaked in during the first 2 years of her life. Each day I shake my head in awe at the words and thoughts coming out of her mouth. SLOWLY Heidi is gaining her independence. I am such a believer in letting a child wean from breastfeeding on their own to help aide in letting children slowly find their independence. There are times, of course, that I would like for Heidi to have more independent play, but I am going to soak it all up now while I can because there is going to be a day {soon - I am sure} when Heidi will not want to cuddle in my arms, say, "mama hold you", sleep snuggled next to be in bed, give kisses, or want anything to do with mama in general. {lots of pictures below - but more writing as well!}

For two years I have been blessed to be the mama to the sweetest little girl in the world {yes, I see you rolling your eyes and thinking "whatever, -insert your child's name- is the sweetest ever"} and I have loved each and every minute of the time we have spent together. You are coming around more and more to daddy - as in you will play with daddy more when mama is around. Oh Heidi Jewell, I do not think you will ever know how much you are loved by your mama and daddy. You have brought so much joy, love, excitement, and fun into our house.

We gave you a little dollhouse for your birthday and you LOVE it! I love watching you play with all the rooms and moving the people all around the house. It warms my heart to watch you play.

Your birthday party was on Saturday the 16th {your actual birthday}and it was such a fun pool party! You and your friends had a great time {minus poor Eli being stung by a wasp}. The party was full of swimming, grilling and more swimming! Your Uncle Brad, Aunt Bekah, and cousins Gavin and Grace came to spend a couple of nights and y'all had such an amazing time! Saturday night {after the entire household took naps} we headed to Chedders for dinner. Sunday we all went to the beach and then the Crab Shack! Later we took naps and our guests left to go back to their home.

  • You LOVE baby dolls and anything that has to do with them. You are so nurturing.
  • You love your Bubba - Hunter. You give him kisses and hugs and love to be around him. You ask where he is all the time if he is not around.
  • You love to cuddle and say "I love you mama" all the time - I hope you never stop!
  • You love rough housing with daddy, even though sometimes it makes mama's heart stop
  • You have quite the imagination! I love watching you play and how you place things and what you pretend things are around you.
  • You "read" now constantly and love anything to do with learning.
  • You and "who that is" when you want to know what the name of an item/thing.
  • Summer/spring favorites include bubbles, sidewalk chalk, ice cream cones, and SWIMMING
  • You are a little fish. I am amazed at your fearlessness in the water! You LOVE it!
  • Your manners are wonderful - please, thank you, yes mam, no mam, etc. Of course we you have your moments, but for the most part you are very well mannered.
The other day, when daddy and I were picking out your birthday present we were talking about how our life is and all we have been through up until this point in our lives. We know that the way life is is the way it is supposed to be. It is sad not having your big brother here, but who knows how life would have been if he had been here. Would you be here? Would you be the way you are? So many unanswered questions. What we do know is that we could not imagine life without you. We really do not question the cards we were handed in life very often - we just accept it and run with it.

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Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Love all the summer fun pictures. A beautiful family with smiles full of joy. Happy 2 years sweet Heidi! =)

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