Monday, June 25, 2012


The weekend is over? What? It literally flew past in a hurry! I am on the downward slope of the strep antibiotics and so ready for them to be over. My stomach can not handle much more.
Heidi and I hung out around the house because I really did not feel good so I thought it best to have a low key weekend. Saturday we went grocery shopping and to church and that was the extent of leaving the house. Saturday night Keith came to visit and Heidi {after warming up to him} enjoyed playing with him and the new baby doll he brought her.

Sunday Heidi and I did a few arts and crafts for her birthday thank you cards and she really enjoyed the glitter {thanks Dane and Dillon!}. Heidi really does not like to get the glitter or paint in her. Each time she got a little on her fingers I would have to wipe it off :) John put Heidi to bed Sunday night so that I could get some sleep in our bed. A few times the past couple of weeks when she has been sleeping in her bed she would wake up and ask for me, but I would already be asleep so John would put her back to sleep. On occasion she has gotten a little feisty and stomped her little feet saying, "I want Mama!" when John tries to come and pick her up. SO sweet - my little Mama's girl.

I am watching The Bachelorette as I update my blog and is it just me or is Chris {the contestant} acting a little crazy? I seriously saw the crazy eye at one point. I really like Sean and Jef....I also want to know why they filmed Chris Harrison's little segment {when he was explaining what was about to happen in regards to the whole Emily/Arie/Cassie relationship} in the middle of the day making Chris have to squint so much in the camera. Aren't these professionals? I guess they do the same thing at the proposals because the people are always squinting then too. Supposedly this year it was filmed in the middle of the night. No squinting there!

Now John has turned the channel to the baseball NCAA game. The players just poured the ice cold drink the coach. It never amazes me how they always act so surprise that it happened. It always happens...

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