Friday, June 22, 2012

Sick, sick, sick

I really do not like being sick, but I guess does anyone? It all started Sunday night after I woke up from laying with Heidi during her nap. I ate a cupcake and then I started feeling horrible. No, it had nothing to do with my cupcake - don't even consider that option. The sickness turned into more of my throat hurting and aches on Monday and I really was not pleasant to be around at work. I was not unbearable either - just not really in the mood for human interaction. Monday night we had scheduled Heidi's 2 year/Family pictures to take at Jekyll Island {the same place we had taken Heidi's 1 year pictures}. I was feeling "okay" but not really myself. I knew I could muscle through a few smiles for family pictures. We were running late, as usual, and then we got a call from our photographer letting us know she had gotten a flat tire. We refused to leave her stranded and kept heading towards her car to change {ahem, for John to change} her tire. Once we got there we noticed a little pack of people surrounding her - not helping her with the tire, just chatting it up. When we parked next to her they dispersed. It was odd. Anyways, John got the tire changed and we all got back into our cars to follow her to get a new one. Only 100 feet later and another tire on her car went flat! How crazy is that? Crazier that she had gotten brand new tires put on her car only about a month ago from Savannah Tire. Never go there, seriously.
She jumped in our car as she called her insurance company to see about a tow truck while we headed to grab a bite to eat. After grabbing food we headed back to her car to meet the tow truck driver. We dropped her off {which I was not comfortable with} after taking several pictures of the tow guy and his truck. Come to find out our little photographer was armed. The process went well for her and she even booked a wedding!

While we were driving home I started feeling worse and I told John he would have to take on putting Heidi to bed for the night. Once we arrived home I climbed in bed and fell asleep. Heidi did lay with me for a little at first to nurse and then John came and got her, which she was not happy about, and put her in her bed. Then for some unknown reason the delivery guy {not sure which company} knocked on the door at 9:30PM. I was delirious, heard Hunter bark, and Heidi wake up. Luckily John took care of everything, but was confused as to why I had ordered a sleeping bag.

Tuesday morning I woke up barely able to swallow and made an appointment to go to an Urgent Care place. I have found that it is much easier and faster to get an appointment in a place like that rather than a regular doctor. The last time I was sick I called my regular doctor and they were like oh yeah, you can come in next Wednesday - ugh. So, made the appointment and Heidi and I went to the Urgent Care place to hopefully "help mama feel better" to quote Heidi. By the way, she is the cutest and likes to hold my cheeks in her hands while making a concerned sad face and says the whole feel better thing. Adorable, unfortunately adorable was not going to help.

We waited at the doctor and then guess what - I have strep throat. What? Not happening. After a shot {which after the nurse put a band aid on it and left Heidi insisted upon having a band aid on the same place I had one} and an antibiotic I was good to go home and rest. I took Heidi to my mom's house to stay the night and then headed home to sit and hang out in my sickness.

Its not any fun being sick. I was cold and sweaty and my throat was on fire. The only good that came out of it was being able to write about 10 blogs to catch up from a few events. I love when the blog is in order and documented. There are still a few more to write, but at least I am out of February! Maybe each time I write a current blog I will write a catch up blog....yeah right. I am also happy to find that I have found a suitable replacement for Picnik. seems to be working well. I just have to learn it like I did for Picnik. I really do not like change.

I am feeling much better, but now my body is being crazy. Probably from the antibiotics. So ready to be done with them. I do not like being sick. It ruins my plans and time schedule....enough complaining for one post, eh?

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