Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Its Tuesday

It sure felt like a Monday. John went to have his licensed renewed so I was a little late getting to work. It was a fun daddy/daughter day for John and Heidi. I am amazed at how she is evolving into a little girl. No longer does Heidi scream and yell and stomp her feet when I have to leave. Okay, she still does that, but not today. Heidi has absolutely loved playing with her new dollhouse. Every morning she wakes up and says, "Play dollhouse Heidi's room". So sweet :) Its fun to watch how her imagination is working.
Heidi has loved playing with her new baby doll that can go in the bathtub. We have to make sure to wash her hair and her body. The little baby even has her own towel that we must use. Good job Keith :) John made a delicious dinner tonight. The topping had a cheese and Heidi kept running to John asking for more cheese and she looked like a little baby bird.

I am desperate for a pedicure. I think I will have to schedule one soon before our big trip. John and I are going to Las Vegas this summer followed by a fun time at Myrtle Beach! So excited for this much needed vacation. I just lined up a photographer to take our Henninger side of the family pictures while we are all together at the beach. I am super pumped. The only thing I ever request on vacations are for family pictures. I don't care if you don't want to hang out with me the entire week, but by golly we will take a family picture. I think out of all my "material possessions" that pictures are my one favorite. Usually when I go on vacation I will take 100s, but I will also take pictures to remind me of my day or to journal my trip. The easiest way for me to blog is to go through my camera. I take pictures of signs or restaurants and other things that will trigger a memory. I have some random shots from my girls trip to San Francisco - that I still need to blog about - but they make for funny outtakes.

Heidi has been reading a ton. She loves books and to read. I am always so amazed at her memory and the phrases she had memorized from books, book titles, characters, all sorts of things.

I really do not like when my fall/spring shows end, but I do love when my summer shows start {and then hate then they end, its a vicious cycle} and Pretty Little Liars has not disappointed! Such a good show! I wonder if I should attempt to read any of the books. I have heard the television series is not the same, but then again when do I have time to read. I really need to set aside time to read, even if just for 20 minutes a day. I also need to set more time for my devotions...its not something I have been very diligent in....one day it will all fall in line, right? If I wake up at 5AM I should be able to fit it all in, but I do not for see that happening soon. Speaking of things to do - its bedtime, night night y'all!


House of Collinsworth said...

She is such a doll! My little one always looks like a baby bird when she eats too! Her brother was never that way. He eats to live...she lives to eat! Hope you have a great vacation!!!

Mrs. Whelan said...

I love Pretty Little Liars too...I just started watching it, so I'm not to season 3 yet.

I love your blog, I've been reading it for awhile and truly appreciate your honesty. I'm just horrible at commenting on blogs that I read...I need to get better. I feel like we should know each other since we went to the same college and have a lot of mutual friends. :)

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