Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Tonight after work Heidi went with me to a meeting for the Sunshine Girls. This is a group of ladies who “minister” in the strip clubs. It is not what you would normally think of when you hear that a church is on a mission trip. For one it is a local mission. I think most people have this idea that you have to go to a mission trip outside of your local area. Think of all the areas in your city that needed the love of Jesus shown to them. Think of your work environment, the downtown areas – the places you can do “mission work” are endless and they do not require you to go 100s of miles away from your house. Anyway, this group is a group of ladies that go into our local strip clubs. We do not bring Bibles; we do not force them into listening to our Bible stories. The Sunshine Girls go to love on these women. They bring in home cooked meals and are there just to talk. To show love just as Jesus did to the people he ministered to.

Right now the ladies are in just a few clubs, but we are hoping that we will be expanding to others. It is so fulfilling just to love on people that so desperately need to see how good our God is and how great His love is for us. In the past I have cooked for the ladies to take food, but now that dance classes are over for me I am hoping to go into the clubs with the women. It’s something I am going to have to pray hard about because of how my heart grieves for those who do not know the Lord. Unfortunately I cannot separate myself from the grief of others sometimes and it can take a toll on me emotionally.

Before the meeting Heidi and I had dinner at McDonald’s – there was a little boy there that kept walking by our table and he and Heidi would chat each time he passed us. When go arrived at the meeting place we went to see the ducks that were at the pond and Heidi got to feed them some bread. She loved it! Heidi also liked to play with the dogs at the house we were at. This little girl has such a love and heart for animals! She was not even scared of them at all when they ran up to her!

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