Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day! We had a nice 3-day weekend at home just hanging out! On Saturday my co-worker needed someone to watch his son, so asked me. Before committing I had to ask about the potty/diaper situation because I have a week stomach. The little boy is three and I did not know if he was potty trained or not. I was told he was potty trained with pull-ups, so I agreed to let him come and play with Heidi for the hours his dad had to work. In the first hour the little boy went #1 and #2 in the potty. I was thankful because the #2 party made me a little nervous so I let him do his own thing in the bathroom. Heidi was very helpful to flush the toilet for him. A few minutes later Heidi told me she needed to go to the potty and I took her, but on the way I saw the little boy squatting beside Heidi's recliner. I thought to myself, "he's making a poop face, but there is no way he is because he just went." Heidi and I finished in the potty and the little boy came to me and said he pooped.
I was so nervous.

One thing you must know about me is that I have a very weak stomach and changing diapers {of other children} is not something I can do. Heidi is the only child I have changed diapers for and for good reason. I put the little boy in a changing position and I barely got his shorts off and the dry-heaving started. I could not see because my eyes were tearing up so badly. I could not breathe. It was horrible. I had no idea what to do. The only thing I could think was to go to my neighbor and ask if she could help. How utterly embarrassing! Luckily she was able to come to my rescue. I am telling you I could not even make it to the trash can without dry-heaving and my eyes tearing up. I had contemplated working in the church nursery a little this summer, but not anymore.

 After the diaper fiasco I had the 3 girls from next door join Heidi and our little friend. The neighbors are building a swing set so I figured the least I could do was let the girls play at my house to keep them out of their parent's hair. The girls next door are great and they love Heidi - and Heidi adores them. I think they have lived there about 3-4 months and so far we have really enjoyed getting to know the girls and their parents. Its great to finally have friends in our neighborhood! Heidi is such a cute little hostess and loves to "help mama" with everything I am doing. She even helped her little friend get off the potty.

After everyone left the house we {yes, we} napped and then went to church! I love Saturday night services! Heidi has been doing so well in the nursery and I am so grateful she likes it now.

Sunday Heidi and I went to my sister's to grill out and swim! Heidi had a blast in the pool. This little girl is fearless! I kept having to catch her jumping in - she also loved going under the water!

Monday we had a family day! John was off and so was I so we all got to hang out! We ended up doing some shopping and then grilling out at home! We love having family days :) The neighbors came over and Heidi was able to hang out with the girls for a bit.

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