Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gym - ugh

The gym is still going on...ugh. Last week was a bust - I think I only went a couple of times {one of those being with the trainer} and then one day I worked out at my house. There was a lot going on and I had Heidi at work with me and she will not go to the day-care center thing. I fell apart on the eating habits this week - but I just need to let that week go behind me and focus on the next six weeks ahead and my goal. Today was training day and it went great. I wish I could train everyday....even though I hate the hard work I know I am going to love the results. Someday.

Yesterday I planned on going to the gym before work, but Heidi spent the night with my parents the night before and I was having such a relaxing time leisurly getting ready. I opted for working out afte work instead. I really hate going after work. It has been great going before work for multiple reasons. Its nice to get it out of the way and then it also does not give me a chance to find a reason not to go after work.

So, I get to the gym and it takes me forever to get situated. I get into the stall to change and realize I forgot my socks. Then my shoe fell into the toilet. Gross. I almost have up right then to go home, but I dried my shoe off with the hairdryers that are in the locker room and sucked it up. You better believe I scrubbed my feet hard when I got home. I know that toilet water is clean, but still. Gross.

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