Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Let's Get Physical!

So, I made it for a third beating session with my slave driver personal trainer. Seriously, I don't know why it is so much harder when working out with a trainer. I feel like I do the same amount of work when I am alone, but geeze louise I feel like I look like I have never worked out a day in my life when I am with the trainer. I am huffing and puffing and definitely not blowing the house down because I am oxygen starved. I would post a video of these workouts, but I am not ready for you to see (a) me so incredibly out of shape or (b) the awful faces I know I have to be making. At one point I told my trainer not to be offended at my grimaces or rolling of eyes - neither were to be directed towards her. They were being directed towards me and my inner voice that keeps telling me to quit while I can still stand. In reality I do not think I was really ever actually rolling my eyes - I think I was mentally though....maybe.
This week we did not get to go into a private room where I could hide my humiliation, nope, we were right in the middle of the pack. I was using the bench as a step thing and trying to do my best to keep my butt out when lifting my leg when all I am trained to do it step up and tuck everything in {from cheerleading}. Then again - when you have a rear-end that is my size even when it is tucked it looks like its poking out :) So here I am choking on air gasping for breath in front of all these guys lifting 1,000s of pounds like they are feathers and I can barely lunge with a 5-lbs weight. Then, I thought to myself, they are not looking at me - they are too busy staring at themselves in the mirror! I guess since I was trying so hard to avoid looking at myself in the mirror I assumed everyone was doing the same.

One note - I did not feel like I was going to throw up this time - yay! Friday Holly {my gym rat partner} and I are going to attempt the TRX class. I will try and post some sort of video or picture so you can see what we are attempting :) It should be interesting.

So far no real change in the number of my weight, but I can see a difference in certain areas. I have heard it takes awhile because you build the muscle before you lose the fat - so I will keep on trucking until I am where I want to be! The eating habits are going great - still maintaining the healthful eating! I will, however, neither deny or confirm the consumption of a pan of brownies in a three day period. The said brownies might have contained peanut butter chips as well. Maybe, I would not know....or would I?

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