Monday, May 14, 2012


No, do not be alarmed, it was not an earthquake you felt. It was me - trying to reverse crutches {a.k.a butt lifts}. First I could not even lift my butt off the ground then I was able to do it by swinging my feet ever so slightly and letting momentum help me out. The BOOM was when my fanny would hit the ground and jiggle about. Oh my - this is so embarrassing and humiliating. Humbling even. I cannot believe I have let myself get to this point. All the years I could run a 5K without even thinking of training or do sit-ups etc without getting out of breath or feeling sore for days after. UGH.
Yesterday I went to the gym and worked out with someone who could help me. Yes, I am using a personal trainer for the moment. Someone to help get me in the right direction {kick my butt} in getting my body back. This whole out of shape thing is so new to me and I now I know what its like to feel so incredibly intimated at the gym. All these in-shape muscle bound people and me - with my little spare tire around my waist trying to remain unseen.

John and I have completely overhauled our food intake. Skipping out on the frozen processed meals, fast food, and other junk. I make weekly trips to the Farmer's Market and we shop for other produce weekly as well. I have jumped back and forth trying to live this lifestyle, but its so much easier with John on board to help and for us to both be making a change for the better. The next 2 months are going to be brutal for me. Going to the gym once to twice a day in order to get back into shape and lose the fat while building muscle. I know some might look at me and not see what I see, but what I see is enough. The fat has been given and eviction notice and it has two months to find a new home.

Earlier this week I had my assessment to see where I am currently at in my fitness. The trainer did not think it was terrible. I had to explain to her that this point where I am is my lowest of lows. At our first workout session we started outside running, sprinting, jumping, living in hell, stuff like that, ya know? When it was time to go back inside I told her we needed to hang outside a little bit longer because I would rather throw up outside instead of inside. I will neither confirm nor deny the throw-up.

Since the beginning of this post {which I started about 2 weeks ago} I have had another session and it was better. During this session I had to do a lot of planks {push-up position} and I swear my I pulled an ovary out of place. Tomorrow is session number 3 and I am actually looking forward to it.

John gave me my Mother's Day present a week early because it was something I could start using right away. Yes world, I am joining the "i" world and now own an iPod nano. My playlist is amazing - all the greats from the late '90's and early '00's. Don't be jealous :) The only issue I have found is that having the dancing background I have it forces me to move to the beat of whatever music I hear....sooo....imagine going from Cyndi Lauper "True Colors" to "Flashdance".

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Holly said...

That's awesome you are working out and eating better. I havent seen a gym in 7 yrs. I really need to!

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