Friday, December 16, 2011

Heidi - 18 Months

Heidi - you are now 18 months!
A year and a half!
*Pictures by Molly Morris Smith Photography*

  • Your vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds! Bedtime is getting longer and longer as we go through all the words you know and roll call of the family members.
  • You love to have the ABC song {or AB as you call it when you are requesting it to be sung} sung to you all the time - definitely a favorite!
  • Sometimes you will say the alphabet letters after me as well as count to ten and say "yay!" when we make it to ten.
  • You LOVE shoes - always putting them on and finding random ones laying around the house. You especially love to put on mama and daddy's shoes.
  • You love to help and be right in the middle of what we are doing.
  • You love to hand us something and say thank you. You are so great about saying thank you.
  • You are shy around others at first and it takes you about 30 minutes to warm up to someone you are not around often.
  • You love the make the animal sounds when we ask you "what sound does --- make?" Some include: pig, horse, sheep, goat, cow, chicken, cat, dog, lion, frog, rooster, snake, duck
  • Food is still something you love and you will try anything. You are still nursing and ask to nurse when you want to. Mainly its at night, but sometimes still in the morning and rarely during the day.
  • BOOKS - you LOVE books. You will grab one and say "read, read" over and over until we get you in our lap and start to read your book. You could sit for hours looking at books.

  • The other night I was sitting in the back seat of the car with you singing "the Ants Go Marching" and you would bounce your head back and forth with the beat - it was so cute!
  • When its picture time you will say "cheese!".

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