Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Show Us Your Life - Scrapbooks

Well, I am about 2 weeks behind in blog reading, but that is okay and I am okay with being behind. I did want to take part in Kelly's "Show Us Your Life" entry for a couple of weeks ago because this is something I have currently been working on. I am a scrapbooker, but unfortunately I am a perfectionist and "my work" is never good enough. It can be expensive to purchase all the little trinckets and things to make your pages flashy and to be honest I have other things I would rather spend my money on. Time is another issue and having a toddle full of fun energy is another reason I have changed my ways in scrapbooking.

I started using Mixbook.com as a digital scrapbook that I will have printed into a book. I am almost finished with Heidi's 1st year {and I am thankful that I blog her monthly things so that I could go back and look at them with writing in her book!} and once I print it out I will let you know how it turned out in print. I am current and up to date with this year, its just a process of working on a past year. I was so inspired with how the scrapbook was looking {and the one I am going to show up is still a work in progress} that I have begun to go back to other years and redo a few things digitally. I have scanned old wedding invitations, part invites - you sent it I have saved it and now scanned it. Now I can add all the little momentos into a digital scrapbook! When I finish this year I will show you that one as well. Its a work in progress and I only allow myself an hour or two a week to work on it, but once I am caught up it will be so easy to stay on top of!

On a side note - another reason I am excited about the digital scrapbooks is because if there is ever something that happens to a book I will always have a digital copy and I can reorder anytime!

Example of the rough draft/currently in progress book for Heidi's 1st year:

| Learn About Mixbook Photo Books | Create your own Photo Book

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Jules said...

Love, love, love the book!!! Yay for you being so on top of things :)

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