Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Easy Canvas

For months I have been talking about about purchasing a large canvas for Heidi's first year portrait. Heidi had two sessions within a month (one with our photographer Patti Todd Photography and one with my sister's Betty at Serendipity Photography) because we had her 1 year session and a family (entire) session. It was so hard to choose with picture, but we ended up choosing one from the family session - this session you purchase a CD rather than prints.

A week or so after our photo sessions I was approached by Easy Canvas to blog-review their canvas - what a coincidence, right? It was a perfect opportunity! So, I went to their website to check out the canvases that they had to offer. I had browsed a few other canvas sites, but I really liked how this one had the option for a custom size print as well as a couch that you could "see" your canvas size over the couch for a true comparison on how the end result should appear. I decided upon a 16 x 24 size. In this same section there is also an option for how thick you would like your canvas wrapped - standard or gallery. I chose for the standard. Next you upload your image. You then have three options on how you would like the canvas to be wrapped - your image, a mirror, or a border. I chose to have the image continue on the wrap. Next you have the options for retouching or color retouching - I left mine as is because our photographer already had everything set for us. Then you checkout and you are done! Simple as pie! Check out their site to turn your canvas into pictures!

We have a few other pictures we are adding on the sides, but in true new Kimberly form we have not decided on what we want to do yet. We as in John and myself - not two Kimberlys :)

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