Friday, September 16, 2011

Heidi - 15 Months

 Heidi - today you are 15 months!
Things of note for this month:

You fold your hands when its time to say the blessing before our meal. 
You demand to use a fork and to have a napkin. You love to wipe your face!

 Each morning you wake up and demand the "mone" and "mote" - phone & remote.
You love to dance!

 You are wearing a size 4 diaper and 12-18 months clothes.
We have put you into your semi-big girl bed and you are very good at crawling in and out. Now if we could just get you to sleep in it :)
 We can ask you questions and give you choices and you will answer us. Simple questions of course like: "are you done with your bath?" "milk or water?"

 Puzzles are such a favorite. You are so good at them and even though getting the piece to actually fully fit in its place you can put each puzzle piece where it belongs.

 Recently you hate for your diaper to be changed.
You love being outdoors.
 You are like a little collector finding new things to pick up and inspect.
We are still nursing - mainly anytime I am with you, but during the day while I am at work you have 1% milk.

 It sometimes takes you a little while to warm up to people you haven't met or haven't been around in awhile. You become so shy and my usually talkative girl becomes mute. For now I will call it good manners :)
 You absolutely LOVE watermelon - you are still such a wonderful eater. You also really enjoy bell peppers!

 I think you are accustomed to these photo shoots each month because when I pulled out the sticker you grabbed it and tried to put it on your belly. When I sat you in your chair you started saying bear over and over. Then you needed to add a new character to the group - glowworm.

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Caroline said...

Getting so big and so cute. My kids always enjoyed puzzles too. Happy 15 months Heidi !!

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