Friday, July 1, 2011

Birthday Celebration!

This week we headed to North Atlanta for our niece Olivia's 5th birthday! The party was held at Bounce U and was a great place for the kids to run around and slide/bounce. Heidi even had a chance to use the slides and the bouncing ring! Now that Heidi is walking around everywhere she seems to feel like such a big girl and so excited that she can go anywhere she wants!

Here is where I learned that I chew gum like a cow would chew cud. Awful. I think I will never chew gum in public again. Anyways, if you can get past the horrible gum chewing you will see that Heidi had a fun time on her first slide!

Playing in the boxing ring

Big brother :)

Olivia blowing out her candles and letting everyone know she was turning the B-I-G 5!

Heidi's first time on a swing! She loved it! We might have to think about getting one!

Trying to get this many kids to take a picture together - what a task! Georgia is going through a "I don't want my picture taken" phase and then the other kids argue about who will get to hold the babies or who will sit where and then no one ends up smiling at the same time. I will have to find some similar pictures of me and my cousins going through the same exact poses!

On the way home we stopped to buy some fresh peaches, tomatoes, and cantaloupe.

It was a short trip, but a ton of fun! Other things that happened -

- John, Heidi, and I stayed at my cousin's house and the kids were so excited to have Heidi come over and spend the night. Julie said they were talking about it for days! Phrases used, "please turn on the lights for our guests"; "this is our guest room, we like to make it nice and comfortable for our guests".

- Went to pick out fabric for the girls' dresses for family pictures coming up.

- Heidi crawled up an entire flight of stairs.

- The phrase "yeah, its over there, by that place" was used when in the process of buying peaches. Another "Danny-ism"

- Poor Missy (my brother's dog) is getting to be so old. She went out on the back deck and peed. It wouldn't be funny, except for that the kids were underneath the deck at the time - ha!


Caroline said...

Looks like a fun time for everyone. That's funny about the dog and the kids being under there. :)

Jules said...

We loved having you as house guests :) Come back anytime!

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