Sunday, May 8, 2011

Puerto Rico

Well, we have left for Puerto Rico and are back :) Nothing terrible happened and I am here to live to tell about it. The anxiety I felt before we left was the worst anxiety I had felt in my entire life. It ranks right up there with when I was mumbling to myself while pregnant and rushing to the doctor. I was completely paralyzed to enjoying anything for fear it was going to be ripped away. I do want to clarify one thing - I am not afraid of dying. Not in the least bit. It was the thought of leaving Heidi and her growing up without me - or really knowing me. Maybe the next trip will be easier. I know that if I had not had so much anxiety I would have enjoyed this trip even more.
Sunday night my parents came and picked Heidi up so that she could sleep on a regular schedule rather than waking up at 4AM with us. It was hard spending that Saturday and Sunday with Heidi before we left. I cannot fully explain how I felt before leaving on this trip. In my heart of hearts I thought I was truly going to die. So, Heidi and I spent our time swimming, reading books, and all sorts of fun things. I wrote letters to her in her journal (that I am still continuing) and set up a video camera to capture us playing together.
Anyway - my parents came to get her and I felt like throwing up as my big girl sat in their backseat waving bye-bye. She and Hunter were off...and hubby and I were left alone in the driveway. So, we packed, went to dinner, made a last minute trip to Wal-Mart, went home, packed some more, and then went to bed. EARLY the next morning we woke up and headed to the airport. We flew to Atlanta and then made it to San Juan, PR!
First we checked in at the convention center with Best Buy, got our loot, and then headed to check in at the hotel. We stayed in the villa section of the Caribe Hilton. That night was a little beach welcome party and then it was bedtime for this Henninger family member!
Tuesday John had the vendor show, which I would have gone to, but I found something much better to occupy my time :)Wednesday we had our excursion - we chose the bike riding through the rainforest outing. Let me tell you - it was (for me) the bike ride from hell. No lie. In the first place I have not ridden a non-stationary bike in over a decade (which makes me sound so old...) and it was through the mountains, mud puddles, rocks, you name it. It should have been labeled "hardcore need to train for 3 years to ride" bike ride. I was not the only one having a hard time. Plenty of others had to stop and walk their bike up the mountains; I was the only one about to puke my guts out...We rode our bike to this little stream/river area and it was so pretty! The water felt so wonderful on my poor tired feet. Some daredevils jumped from the rocks - I chose to stand in the ankle deep section. When we were approaching the river one of the tour guides told me I would be "happy" to know that we were at the halfway part. I looked him like he was completely insane.I will let you know that even though I wore white shorts I was the only one who came out of this adventure with hardly a spec of mud on my clothes or body :)

After the river the media team joined our group to video for the little video that recaps the weekend. They were in the back of the truck and there was an open I asked to ride back in it. To heck with that bike. We were not friends.

After the bike ride we took naps and then went to dinner in Old San Juan. The hotel/Best Buy provided a shuttle for all of us to ride back in forth. We went to one of the hotels that had a small casino where we raked in the dough on the roulette tables - one of our favorites :) We ate dinner at a Chicago Burger place and it was delicious! After all of that we headed back to the hotel for bed!

Wednesday during the day we went to the beach for a little bit and the went to Old San Juan for the day. We bought Heidi the cutest little handmade doll - she just loves it!We took some pictures around our hotel before we had the dinner/concert on our last night in PR. I had on some really tall shoes - that's why I seem to be closer to John's height :)This little guy was in the courtyard/garden area in our hotel. We were able to see him in his full plumage, but of course I did not have my camera!

Concert by the Goo-Goo Dolls! It was such a great time! We had dinner and enjoyed the concert, then headed back to the hotel to continue the party. Then it was bedtime because we had to get up early for the flight back home.

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