Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Date Night!

John and I made a new year's resolution to have a date night at least once a month. We missed January, but last night we had our February date night. It is so important to make time for your spouse and your marriage. John and I have been together for almost 10 years and married for almost 4 of those and there is no way that we would be able to last (happily) without putting forth time and energy into our relationship. We are told to keep God first in our lives and second is our spouse. Right now John and I have had so much focus, time, and energy put towards Heidi - which is totally natural! We needed time, outside of the house without little Heidi, to hang out. I think that sometimes marriages can end up staying together just because of the kids if they do not put effort into their relationship. Taking the time to continue to grow with each other, instead of growing in different directions.
Anyways - now to the fun date stuff :) We went downtown and just walked around looking for a place to eat that we have never been to before. The walk led us around City Market, Broughton Street, and then we ventured to River Street where we ended up going to Huey's. At first I began to regret the decision when the hostess looked at us like we were crazy and didn't say a word. She just kind of stared at us. Finally the hostess asked "2?" and we told her yes. She looked really annoyed, but then she grabbed some menus and then led us into the restaurant. We were seated next to the window which has a wonderful view of the Westin, River Street, and the Savannah River. I know the view upstairs (if you were at Tubby's) would have been even better, but it was chilly out and being indoors was perfect! The inside of the restaurant was great and our server came to ask our drink order - sweet tea for John and for me? Water of course :) Later the hostess asked if we had been helped - she had seemed to turn a friendlier leaf and I gave her a point :) Not that anyone is asking my opinion or that anyone besides John knows my giving and taking away of points, but regardless, one of the points I took away I gave back to her :)

We ordered an appetizer and our meals. Everything was delicious! Seriously. Salads and cornbread are served with each meal. I opted out of the salad and ordered cheese grits instead. Usually I am not a fan of cornbread - its just so dry - but I LOVED this cornbread. It tasted like the Jiffy Muffin mix. Maybe it was, either way it was yummy. Our server was fantastic, unfortunately I cannot remember her name, but she was wonderful - kept John's drink full the entire time! John drinks so much when we're out to eat and when a server can stay on top of his refills we know they are a good one! We took pictures (which are below and taken with my phone) and I know people probably thought we were tourists, but oh well! So, if you are in Savannah and looking for a place to eat downtown try Huey's!
Jazzy Wings
John's - Crabmeat and Shrimp Augratin
(topped with cheddar and baked)
and his side was fried okra
Kimberly's - Fresh wild GA shrimp
french fries as a side
There were a ton of shrimp! It looks like a lot
of FF, but there was a mound of shrimp underneath.
Cheese grits
(my other side)
After dinner we stopped in the devil's store (not really, but for me right now!!) River Street Sweets. So yummy. We bought a couple of little desserts to take home. You must stop at this place if you are on River Street! There are a couple that you can go to - either one will work!!

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Holly said...

mmmmm cornbread

Great idea on the date night! Hubs and I are gonna go on one soon. It'll be the first one in 3 yrs! Our associate pastor has been asking to watch our girls so we could go out and we're gonna take her up on her offer.

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