Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Cards

I am looking for ideas. I LOVE Christmas time and all the Christmas cards - everyday we had at least one card in our mailbox. There is something so magical about Christmas time and the Christmas cards. Maybe its my love of snail mail. Each day I rush to the mailbox, something I have done just about my entire life. I usually am late getting my cards out. Sometimes I only send half out and then find the other half in a guest room about a month if you didn't get a card from me (and there is a chance you could be getting one in a couple of days!) - well, I sent it mentally. I promise to be on top of it next year and mail them out Dec. 1st!!

Anyways - my only issue is what to do with the cards after the season? I could not dare throw them away! So, what do I do? What do you do?


Caroline said...

I love cards too. I usually take them all and make a collage out of them on a big piece of cardboard and put all from that year. I usually hang them in the hall on our door different places in the house. Makes nice decorations.

Holly - Holly Days said...

I save them & use them in our yearly scrapbook. I make a special pocket just for them.

I also sometimes reuse them in my scrapbooks as embellishments.

gecowart said...

I love getting them too!!! I was slack this year and did not send any out!!!! I always save mine from year to year because I never have the heart to throw them out!!! If you get any good ideas let me know.


Carly said...

Adorable picture!!

Steph at said...

I just wrote a post on this - I made a Christmas card look book for the kiddos. See it here:

Stacy said...

You can get one of those 4 x 6 photo albums, and cut out the pictures and just put them in there. I generally just cut out the picture and put it on the fridge until the next year rolls around. Then I toss the old and replace with the new.

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