Monday, February 22, 2010

The Weekend

This weekend was fast paced and I was constantly on the go. Do you ever have weekends where you need a day afterwards to rest? That's exactly how I felt. The weekend was complied of visiting with family, Freddie's baby shower, going to see Katie, and shopping for nursery bedding and furniture. We started off Friday around 11:30 and headed towards Atlanta. We stopped for lunch and of course a few potty breaks for yours truly. One of the stops I was approached by an older man that asked if I knew what I was having and then if he "could have it". I laughed and said no - I really wanted to run away at that moment, but I was waiting on my mom.

We got into Atlanta and stopped at Ikea - found a couple of things, but nothing too fantastic. Next we headed north to my brother's and arrived about an hour later. We had baked spaghetti and enjoyed the delicious cake my niece baked for us.
Saturday morning we woke up to go to a couple of fabric stores and I gathered some swatches of patterns with colors I liked. We took the swatches back to Tres and Tina's and then I headed to Freddie's baby shower. It was a great time! Heike, Freddie's mom , is from Germany (as is Freddie - she moved to GA when she was in middle school; which is when we met) and she had never been to a baby shower before. It was so much fun to watch Heike as all the new and fun baby stuff was unwrapped. A very special present was given to Freddie by her mom - Freddie's baby blanket that was brought all the way from Germany. How sweet! I had not seen Freddie since her wedding, so it was great to be able to catch up in person. Freddie and I are about 6-7 weeks apart; she is due in the middle of May with her little girl!

After the shower my mom and I headed out shopping again - this time looking for furniture. I have decided that this baby will just not have a name or any furniture - I cannot decide on a thing. I think I am stressing myself out too much. The fact of picking out furniture at all gives me an anxiety attack almost. I have nightmares of swatches of fabric and cribs. I did decide that I would see what the end result of the bedding looked like and I would go from there in picking out the crib/furniture. Black or white - those are the choices to match the bedding.
Dinner that night included my cousin Julie and her family coming over. We had BBQ chicken - and it was fantastic. Everyone played the "what patterns/swatches would you put together for the nursery game". I took pictures of the different pattern arrangements so that I would remember them. The night I sat at the table with Tina and had all the swatches scattered around and made my choices - done! The bedding is picked - the colors and final design will be a surprise!!
Sunday morning I woke up early to go and visit my friend Katie, who just had her little girl Francis Kay a couple of weeks ago. I had not seen Katie since her baby shower back in early November. It was great to see her, Matt and little Francis - even if it was only for a couple hours. They should be coming here in May and I probably won't be seeing her until then. We usually get to talk everyday - or at least we did when she was at work, but now she is on maternity leave and probably by the time she goes back to work I will then go on maternity leave.

I left Katie's house and then headed back to my brother's house. Mom and I packed up the car (filled with extra goodies from the Kirkland clan!) - stopped by Julie's house, went to the fabric store to purchase the fabric (yay - one thing off the list!), went to JoAnn's Fabric store to have mom's sewing machine (surger) looked at, called to see if Freddie was home, and then we were off towards home again. On the way home mom was trying to suggest names for our nameless little one - and then she mentioned the name Ruth. When I was a child I named my baby doll Ruth. I told my mom that I needed to get her from their house and put her (Ruth) in the nursery. Then my mom casually mentions "she needs a new arm". WHAT?!? Why on earth would my doll need a new arm? Apparently - "it just fell off". I do not believe it - I think my mother pulled Ruth's arm off. Poor defenseless one-armed doll...
We got home late so my mom just stayed the night (we live 22 miles from each other) - we didn't feel like unloading the car. It was packed with bags of Olivia's clothes, a car seat, stroller, and various other items from Tres and Tina for us to use.
John is busy this morning unloading the car - with one arm. Apparently while I was gone he went over to a friend's house and they watched some ultimate fighting thing and were inspired to do their own wrestling....then someone fell on John's arm. Boys...


Tiffany said...

You were a busy lady this weekend. I hope you got a day to relax.

Holly said...

Yes, I've had weekends like that!! Hopefully you do get some rest from all your busyness!

Toni C said...

OH! I can't wait to see the fabric you picked out. It's such a big decision... Glad you had a great weekend! You girls look so cute in your tummy shots!

Jules said...

How I shutter to think of what we thought was "fashionable" back then! ;)

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