Monday, February 22, 2010

365 - Day 9

If there is one thing you probably figured out about me you must know that I love my dog. John and I adopted Hunter from an animal shelter (the absolute BEST way to bring an animal into your home) in July of 2002. He has been spoiled ever since! Hunter was a little 12 week old puppy that had been found with his little of litter of brothers and sisters in a dumpster. Sometimes we lovingly refer to him as our "dumpster dog". Hunter is the most loyal dog and he absolutely has made his way into the hearts of everyone in my family - and those close friends. Well, everyone except my brother's dog and my idea why.

Hunter will greets us with so much excitement each day when John and I come home. He was super excited to see me when I got home after being gone all weekend - he cried when I was packing. Hunter is definitely my favorite thing/person/dog to you will be seeing many pictures of him on Project 365!


Tiffany said...

He's a beautiful dog. Do you know what he is mixed with, or is he full blooded Rottweiler?

Henninger Family said...

Thanks! He is Rott/lab/chow...a pure mutt :)

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