Wednesday, February 17, 2010

365 - Day 4

Heat - something we need in the winter, right? Today's picture is my ONLY source of heat on those (these - current) blistery cold days. Where I work we do not have central heating...only space heaters. I hog this one to myself. Down in the south we usually only have about 2-3 months of cold, but it seems like the cold is lasting a lot longer than usual. Of course we complain now because we are tired of it, but in July and August we will be longing for the days of wind and jackets because we will want to run naked through the sprinklers it is so hot. Those days remind me of the summer my parents and I spent in Europe and as you might know they do not have central air there. The weather is usually so nice in the summer there is no need. All you have to do is open a window. That would have been great, except the summer we were there is when they had record high heat. In an effort to stay cool I sat in a cold bathtub full of water - it didn't last very long or help much.

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Holly said...

We got a small space heat that's cool to touch and I sit in front of it all the time :)

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