Thursday, February 18, 2010

365 - Day 5

This creamer is part of a china set that belonged to my Great-Aunt Juanita, or as we so lovingly referred to her as Aunt Pete. My great-grandfather had all girls and gave each of them boy nicknames. Aunt Pete is buried right above Hudson and next to where my grandfather is, where my grandmother will be buried, and where my parents have chosen to lay. My grandmother was given all of my aunt's belongings after she suddenly died (years ago - I think I was in middle school or just starting high school) during a routine gall bladder surgery. The death of my aunt greatly affected my grandmother for they were extremely close. Shortly after I became engaged my grandmother asked if I wanted to have my great-aunt's china. Of course I did! I had not even seen it, but I love the fact of having something that belonged to a member of our family. I enjoy things that are passed from generation to generation. So no, the gold trimmed magnolia does not match my platinum trimmed white china, but I love having it all the same! We were finally able to use it during Thanksgiving when we hosted the holiday in our new house.


Rachel said...

I LOVE this picture. The twinkling in the background looks like stars. So pretty!!

Tiffany said...

I love stuff that is passed from generation to generation too. I love things that have history. It's definitely a great conversation piece for entertaining those who are not family. BTW~ I like the magnolia, it's pretty.

Holly said...

Family heirlooms are so very special!

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