Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ladies Who Lunch

Today I had lunch with some of my favorite lunch buddies - April, Holly, & Lyndsey. Well, technically April was not when us - ahem, but she did grace us with her presence later in the lunchtime. Last week we had a little gift exchange and this week we took a present to our favorite waitress at the Upper Crust. Such a yummy place to eat! I worked there when I was in high school for about a year. The four of us were all pregnant together last year, all had babies, and all workED at the bank. Yours truly was laid off, Lyndsey for similar reason, and April has recently given her notice to join bigger forces - a.k.a Jumpin' Jacks at Jackson Court. Holly is the lone soldier still workin' at the bank. All of us gals went to high school together. Lyndsey and I grew up with our houses back to back.
"April" & Lyndsey

April, Lyndsey, me, & Holly

*If you notice - April's stocking is empty because she canceled on us*

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