Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Tonight was bowling - when I go bowling or think about bowling my mind breaks into the song from Grease 2 - "we're gonna boooooowwwwllll tonight - we're gonna rock, we're gonna roll..." Usually I break into song and John just gives me the "you are my crazy wife" look. I get those a lot. I ave started taking my camera with me everywhere again. Why I stopped in the first place I have no idea. Well, I have an idea - it was to much of a bother to think about anything else besides my constant worrying. Now that my leaf has turned and I am no longer a worrier I can remember to take my camera. It had gotten so bad - I haven't taken pictures in forever. I did not take a single picture at Thanksgiving in which we hosted. I didn't take pictures of the place settings, the Thanksgiving Tree I made - anything...nothing, zilch, nada. All because I was too concentrated on my worry. So a lesson you, if you let it worry will consume your life and you forget to do the things that make you happy. For me that would be taking pictures, sending cards for all occasions....and I have not done either of those. I am just NOW getting our Christmas cards out. Seriously? That is not like me at all. Oh well, it will be ok.

Back to the story at hand. We went bowling last night with our small group and had a great time. It's a new place called Frames and Games and it was so nice. They have bowling, billiards, arcade games, laser tag.....there was a birthday party going on as well. Great place for families to go! We were supposed to go last Tuesday after dinner at Cheddars, but rescheduled for this week instead. Here are some pictures!

Christy & Ryan

Bonnie & Alan
The Henninger Fam

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Holly said...

I haven't bowled in a couple years! It's fun!! Worry can definitely rob you of a lot.

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