Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of Year Recap

So this year has been, well it has been a year...full of highs and lows and so many new adventures. I thought I would go over what all went on in 2009.

- said hello and goodbye to our sweet Hudson after 30 weeks of pregnancy

- went to St. Simons Island to rejuvenate

- laid off from job at bank
- honored Hudson in the March of Dime 5K to kick off St. Patrick's Day
- went to Anaheim, CA

- first experience of Hudson not being counted in the family

- Hunter and I went to the annual doggie carnival
- first Mother's Day
- signed contract for our new house!!

- New Kids on the block concert
- 1st dance recital in 9 years
- Henninger family vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC

- Kirkland family vacation cruise
- celebrated 2 married years with John

- started our expensive venture of doctor visits...
- said goodbye to a hero - Matthew Freeman
- added a new brother-in-law to the family

- added a new niece to the family
- celebrated being together for 8 years!

- cheered for the first time in ages at the VSU homecoming game!
- balloon release for Hudson
- found out we were having baby #2

- first time seeing the little one!
- hosted Thanksgiving in our new house

- found a thickened nucheal fluid behind the baby's neck
- celebrated Christmas in our new home!

Whew! Just remember how much stuff I left out of there as well! This was a busy, heartbreaking, grieving, new, fun, full of tears and laughter year. As much as I would trade to have not gone through what we experienced I would not trade my path in life. I know that everything happened for a reason. I will say that I am on my knees praying that 2010 will be a much less of a heartbreaking year for us. I am not much on resolutions, but there are a few goals (which seems to be the "theme" for everyone - not making resolutions, but goals instead) that I would like to achieve and some character building things I would like to work on this year - and continue on into years to come.

1. I want to become a better Christian woman. My walk with God was truly tested this year and I hope to learn more and do more for Him in my daily life. I know that this year, without Him, I would not be where I am today. This includes tithing on a more regular basis and giving more time and energy to quiet time.

2. Being less selfish. I am not a selfish person by nature, but this year I know I have been more focused on myself than others. I know it's natural and it had to happen in order for me to get my life back together, but it's not a person I want to be. So I plan to call more, write more, e-mail more - and ask questions more. Listen more and be there more. I also want to commit to more random acts of kindness to strangers as well as people I know.

3. Continue striving for a healthy me. I want to continue to eat right and exercise and after the baby is born get right back on track to losing the weight I was working on! I hope to train for a 1/2 marathon and marathon to run in the future.

4. Become less of a hoarder. I vow to throw at all the useless junk I have. I mean doesn't everyone have their eraser collection from elementary school? John - I hope you are reading this! Now I have given you a timeline of when I will through it all out :)

5. Lastly I want to strive to fix my hair at least 4 times a week - ha!

I hope that you each have a wonderful new year and that you are blessed beyond measure today, this year, next year, and the years to come!!

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Holly said...

What a year it has been for sure!! I like the ideas of goals better than resolutions. No one ever really seems to keep resolutions. I second getting rid of junk!

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