Monday, January 11, 2010

16-Week Update

As you can see I am now officially on monthly visits and I am no longer being spoiled with weekly visits - therefore no weekly updates for you! Today we had our 16 week appointment with Dr. Helmken and everything went great! The heartbeat ranged from 147-152 and was fast(er) to find this time. I am measuring appropriately and I have gained about 2-3 lbs. We went over the future appointments - mainly the one we have in two weeks (the 26th) with the specialist for the anatomy scan/amniocentesis. Today would have been the follow-up/2nd part of the screening, but since we are having the procedures done in two weeks we all felt it unnecessary to be pricked. I think this is the first time I have left an appointment without giving blood. Amazing! I did ask what the results were from the 1st trimester screening and they came back all normal - with 1 in 4400 and 1 in 10000 chances of having downs, trisomy 13 - which is a normal number. I thought that because we had administered the HcG shot that morning that my results would be skewed - but everything looked great!

We also went over some information for delivering - as most of you may know I am planning on having a completely natural childbirth, so we went over what all I could do in the hospital. John and I will be practicing techniques and exercises in order to prepare both mentally and physically. After talking to Dr. Helmken we have decided that I will probably go so fast anyways that by the end of it the pain will have passed and it will be over! Just to let you all know - yes I know there is pain in childbirth and I have experienced it. I also know that for me the anxiety and risks of not taking drugs is better for me in the long run. The thought of an epidural frightens me more than the pain of a natural birth. I did have one with Hudson, but the anxiety of that procedure (of the epidural) is not something I want to worry about.

Keep saying prayers for this little one! We keep getting great information, but until we have him/her here we need prayers :) Of course we will need prayer after the little one is here, but we really need them during this time!


Holly said...

I'm glad to hear your update! Sounds like things are going well and it's good that the numbers came back normal for your screening. That is encouraging! I think it's great you want a natural childbirth. I want that to the next go around!

Cecilia said...

Great news! If you want a natural birth, go for it. My situation with Ethan chose for me (I had HELLP complications so I couldn't have an epidural) but I'm hoping that if we are blessed with another little one to try natural again. Praying for continued good news and the delivery you want!

Missing Kasey said...

I had a natural birth with Kasey more so bc I am SCARED to death of needles, don't know how I made it (as you know they take blood from you all the time!) It is SO SO SO SO worth it!! I was given pictocin sp and yes it hurt and was painful, but you dont have the risk of anything that could have potentially been avoided from having a needle stuck in your back, you can also get up right away! We took a natural birthing class there was only one offered in the whole metro area and at a diff hospital the we delivered at, but that makes no diff!! You will be so happy that you went through child birth with no drugs!! You will have to remind them to pull your legs together as 90% of people have an epidural. :)

croleyc69 said...

Glad things are looking up. I have been praying and will continue to do so. I had all mine natural it's the best way to go. Glad your numbers are up.

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