Tuesday, October 13, 2009

BL-AZ-ERS - Go - Blazers - Go!!

Saturday was VSU's homecoming game and the start of a new tradition. All alumni cheerleaders were invited to come and cheer at the game! We had to meet around noon t pick up our official shirts an we also had to learn the fight song routine to perform at pregame- wait, what?!?! Yes, exactly - we performed in front of the entire stadium on the field. The older alums and I were out of breath after this - which is crazy because I know I am at least a little in shape! I now remember why I was a size 2 and could eat whatever I wanted. After pregame we headed off the field where if you wanted you would do running tumbling. No thanks, the kick in the fight song was enough for me! Next was the player run on where we made the tunnel and did a few chants - which surprisingly enough I caught on and remembered some. Finally we headed to the sidelines to cheer for the first half. It mainly consisted of taking pictures and catching up with old friends. It really was a great time and I cannot wait until next year!

After the game I headed to the Kappa Sigma house to see the alumni and friends - those from my era! It's times like these that make you miss those days....the carefree times of college.

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Holly said...

What a fun time! Yeah, I think I would be out of breath too! lol

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