Monday, October 12, 2009


Today I had a consultation with the fertility doctor (again, I remind you - not to get pregnant, but to "fix" my body) and we discussed the last of the tests that were taken. Yay, no more invasion of my veins!! There is one more test that we are waiting for the results, but those will be gone over on a phone conference. Anyways, the doctor is one that sends different pieces to different doctors all over the nation. He does invasive research to find the "problem" and build a "recipe" (a list of medicines...) to help with better outcome pregnancies. I won't go into all the detail about what is going on with me, but to make it short it has to do with my blood - showing signs in insulin resistance, high levels of LPa, some other sort of high level cardio thing, and irregular ovulation (a.k.a ovulation dysfunction). John and I have been given the okay to start trying for pregnancy our next cycle. Does that mean we will? No. It doesn't mean anything of the sort. It just means that the doctor believes we will be able to "fix" me in order to have a different outcome pregnancy. So now the ball is in my court and John and I will figure out what to do from here. I do know that we will never say we are "trying" because for one - I dislike that term, but because I feel that puts too much pressure on everyone. So, please do not ask me if I am pregnant anytime soon - you will find out when it happens =)

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Holly said...

I am glad they were able to find some of the things going on. I hope they can treat these things so that you do have a better outcome.

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